What Is Integrative Oncology And How Can It Help

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The traditional method of treating cancer is always to use surgery to remove the tumor and then chemotherapy and radiation to kill-off cells that are diseased. While these therapies work they’ve severe
side effects that can be debilitating and individuals will experience pain, hair and nail loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.

It can be so debilitating that individuals choose to end chemotherapy and radiation which means that they can die faster as a result. Nowadays, however, you can choose to get integrative oncology which allows patients
to be a whole lot more comfy through the process of treatments.

Integrative oncology definition: it’s with encouraging therapies like acupuncture, chiropractice, nutrition therapy, pain management and even spiritual support treatment that joins effective conventional therapies such
as chemotherapy using IPT or insulin potentiation therapy. These are made to help patients deal with the physical and mental side effects of the remedies. Patients have the ability to heal at a faster rate and the most useful point about
this tactic is that the chances of the cancer returning are far lower.

In summary integrative oncology has 3 advantages:

It helps individuals deal with all facets of their cancer as it covers everything including the emotional.

It helps individuals with positive-thinking. Research has shown that positive thinking goes a long way in assisting patients in improving faster. Additionally, it seems to lower the odds of a relapse.

And, it is is helpful not just during treatment but also afterwards when an individual may need psychological support and dealing with the after effects.

Integrative oncology is not just about the patient. We see often, when someone gets cancer their entire family goes through a change. They’re going to be anxious about whether their love is in pain, whether they’ll live or die and
even if they are able to help at all.

All these points can lead to melancholy which means that family members usually are not fully available to provide support in the household that is needed. Integrative oncology requires care
to make certain that family members are psychologically healthy enough to be present for their nearest and dearest in the correct way.

They’ll give them counseling and the necessary education so if a loved one does pass away during the treatments, they are prepared for that as well. It also helps partners deal with relationship and intimacy difficulties that can arise
a result of their loved one having cancer.

Below are a few integrative oncology remedies that physicians are using now:

Massage Therapy

Massage is helpful in coping with things like pain and anxiety which frequently accompany conventional cancer treatments. Frequent massages will even help to boost production of more healthy cells


integrative oncology acupuncture seems to be most useful in supporting cancer sufferers that battle nausea. This is a big problem for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.


Exercise with oxygen is very effective in helping eliminate cancer cells. Providing oxygen to all cells in the body, only healthy cells will survive. This helps heal a lot faster and minimizes the risk of relapses.