Why Are Dental Crowns Needed?

7. Cosmetic modification - A dental crown can likewise be used for aesthetic purposes. It can help improve the overall look of your teeth, and enhance your smile.

For Kids

For young children, the pediatric dentist may recommend the use of dental crowns for baby teeth in the following situations:

1. Save a tooth - A badly decayed or damaged tooth that cannot support a filling may instead be fitted with a dental crown.

2. Teeth protection - The teeth of a kid who is at high risk of tooth decay can be protected by using dental crowns. This is particularly useful for children who find it difficult to maintain a daily oral hygiene regimen.…

Three Types Of Sedation Commonly Used In Dentistry

Many people still dread each much-needed trip to the dentist. As a solution, dentists offer sedation dentistry to patients to help them relax during the procedure.

When determining the level and type of sedation for a patient, a dentist takes into consideration the following factors: age, physical condition, medical history, as well as, the kind and amount of dental work to be done. If you are bound to undergo a dental procedure, you might want to know the common types of sedation in dentistry.

1. Inhaled Sedation

As its name suggests, this type of sedation requires you to breathe in the sedative.…

Dental Hygiene Frequency

Do Dental clinics ask you to come back twice a year or every six months because they need to create business? You know how every six months, the hygienist always brings up the topic of "Have you been flossing". She asks with so much regularity that you wonder if she had nothing else to make conversation. If they are not asking you to do this then you must find the right dentist who does.

Without doubt the truth about the six month return visit request, is that there are some truths to be told.

As someone who is a bit anal about life, my brushing and teeth cleaning routines are more regular than clock work.…