Facts About Partial Dentures

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Have you been missing some, or all, of your teeth and wondered what could be done to replace them? Would you like to be able to smile and chew again, but yet cannot afford teeth implants , dental bridges, or other costly procedures which replace missing teeth? Then cosmetic dentures are most certainly an option for you. Here are some information about cosmetic dentures and other related items.

What are cosmetic dentures?
Cosmetic dentures are special removable dental appliances which are made to replace missing teeth, allowing for the simple action of normal chewing to resume for a patient. But, what’s more, they also help esthetically, giving a person the appearance of having a normal and complete set of teeth to the casual observer, and increasing confidence. Finally, the cosmetic dentures also provide form, fullness, and shape to the face; people who have lost their teeth also lose bone, and their faces tend to become shrunken inward after the healing process is complete. The cosmetic dentures will return the full, healthy look to the face once they are in place.

What types of cosmetic dentures are available?
There are different types of cosmetic dentures depending on the clinical situation of the particular patient.

Removable partial dentures can be made if a person has lost some of his or her teeth, yet still has a number of them left. Some of the remaining teeth are specially prepared with a dental drill, and molds of the prepared teeth are made. At the next visit, the metal framework of the partial denture is tried into place to ensure its proper fit on the teeth.

Depending on the clinician’s style, and on the case complexity, it’s possible that the next visit will feature a partial denture which is ready for the patient to wear. Partial dentures are helpful not only because they replace missing teeth, but also because they help prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into unfavorable positions and angles.

Complete dentures are denture units which are used when a person has lost all of his or her teeth. They allow a person to once again chew normally, and restore facial esthetics as well. However, it can take some time to adjust to them as a person must now learn to chew with removable prostheses which weren’t previously present. It may take a number of adjustments before they feel right for a patient.

Immediate dentures are dentures which are placed right after an extraction or extractions are performed for a patient. They are primarily made for esthetics, but in the first few days of healing can act as a bandage over the extraction site or sites.

There are several different types of cosmetic dentures, and their selection depends on the individual patient’s situation and needs. All three types, though, restore function, esthetics, and form, thus helping patients regain a sense of normalcy and confidence. This is some information about cosmetic dentures, and we hope it was enough to choose the right solution for you.