The Challenges in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists do therapy to our body. They work hard with us to ensure that we heal properly to get back to our normal life. However as much as they are giving us their best, there are some hurdles they face in their line of work.

Women graduates in the field of physiotherapy in a number of regions in the Kingdom are facing obstacles of employment at specialized centers, despite the fact that many of these centers are in need of qualified staff.

For those appointed, many face the problem of being unable to earn the title that is commensurate with their qualifications, local media has reported.

Rather than being titled “specialists”, they are given the title “technicians,” which they say deprives them of numerous financial and employment benefits.

The issue has prompted many graduates to appeal to authorities to address the problem.

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Apart from the issue of low pay and unemployment, a physical therapist works in a very physical demanding field. They support you before you can actually get back to supporting yourself. They are literally a living backbone. This also makes them prone to emotional stress since they deal with people who have severe injuries.

Emotional Stress – A physical therapist works with people who have been through traumatic illnesses or injuries. Although your ultimate goal is to help your clients regain their independence, you will spend much of your time pushing them to do the hard work required to achieve that goal. It can be emotionally draining to face client after client who is struggling with the aftermath of an illness or injury.

Physical Demands – Part of your job as a physical therapist will be to literally offer support to your clients as they work toward supporting themselves. You may be required to lift someone into and out of equipment. You may need to help someone stand or sit. At the very least, you should expect to be on your feet moving around during almost all of your therapy sessions with patients. A physical therapist needs to be strong and in good shape so that they are prepared for every possible situation.

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There is a lot of paperwork involved since third party players are involved. After every 2 years you need to renew your license and this means you have to go back to school every now and then.

Secondly; since physical therapy service is being reimbursed by third party payer such as MEDICARE,MEDICAID and private insurance,you have to write initial evaluation,daily progress notes,re-evaluation notes etc. to make sure that physical therapy service is being provided and it is being provided because it is medically necessary and appropriate.Thus, documentations of what you did to your patients are daily challenges. But, it wont be hard or difficult once you become a physical therapist in the future!

Last but not the least, physical therapists are required to renew their license usually every 2 years depending on what state you practice. This means that you have to attend continuing education courses or learn new skills. Normally, state requires PT’s to complete at least 30 hours of CEU’s within that 2 years time frame or else you will not be allowed to practice the profession and you will be penalized!

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