Vitamin C Used To Treat Cancer

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What is Vitamin C?

L-ascorbic acid or “Vitamin C” is a commonly used water-soluble vitamin found in natural sources and/or in the form of dietary supplements. Medical professionals also use high-dose vitamin C to administer medical-grade dosages using injections and/or oral solutions. In general, human bodies are unable to produce vitamin C and therefore it’s referred to as an external dietary nutrient.

The body requires vitamin C to manage the handling of L-carnitine, collagen, and other relative neurotransmitters. In fact, vitamin C is also important with regards to protein metabolism.

Since collagen production is neatly tied with the management of connective tissues and other related bodily requirements, it remains functional in healing wounds. Vitamin C has been noted for a number of things including being an all-natural treatment option for cancerous developments in the human body.

It also acts as a wonderful physiological antioxidant. Over time, it has been studied to provide improved regeneration in the body along with the use of vitamin E. One of the reasons vitamin C has become a renowned medical solution has to do with its impact in managing free radicals in the body. This is an ideal
treatment and preventative solution for cancerous developments, cardiovascular disease, and/or other types of diseases.

It is able to help the immune system stave off these conditions and make sure the body is able to increase its absorption rate for key nutrients such as iron. Since iron can be consumed from natural sources, it does have a wonderful role in how the human body is treated.

Benefits of Vitamin C

It was in the early 1970s when a man maned Ewan Cameron felt it was best to make use of a nutrient such as vitamin C. Ewan Cameron set up a small study with the help of Linus Pauling to determine whether or not high-dose vitamin C was a good option. These trials were run during the 70s and 80s to determine
what the effects would be like on cancer patients.

Over time, it has grown in strength and become universally renowned as a great natural solution for treating cancer and is employed to handle fatigue, cancer, infections, and other major diseases. A lot of work has been done to see how this vitamin can help the body and it was noted for building resistance in the body
to developments such as cancerous tumors. It is also able to help in treating the condition over the long-term.

Studies on Use of Vitamin C

It’s important to note vitamin C has to be taken either using IV (intravenous) infusion or by the mouth. Many studies have been done on intravenous vitamin C and each one has shown the ability of this solution to kill cancer cells. This has to do with the reaction vitamin C has in the body.

It is able to find and kill cancerous developments. One of the main studies done on the use of high-dose vitamin C stated this vitamin was able to help with multiple cancers including neuroblastoma, colon, prostate, pancreatic, and other cancer cells.