Oxygen And Cancer Do Not Get Along

Oxygen flooding is a method of increasing oxygenation through the use of ozone and peroxide. These substances are supercharged with oxygen and they deliver a high impact yield. One key to your treatment success is finding an alternative practitioner to perform oxygen flooding.

Though neither ozone and peroxide therapy are as dangerous as chemotherapy treatment,

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The Origins Of Halitosis

Our gram unfavourable bacteria-- the stinkers-- thrive in acidic, oxygen-poor environments. These men are the genuine bad breath offenders. In acidic environments (a pH of lower than 7), gram-negative germs prosper and displace our oral-health related, pH neutral loving bacterial types.


Our saliva, which is oxygen-rich and pH neutralising, naturally

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Fear In A Dental Office

That secret weapon? Conscious Sedation. No its not a weird meditation practice or a new-fangled drug with unknown side effects. Conscious Sedation has been used for years in the dental field. Many dentists do believe that it isn't necessary and patients should be able to calm down Many dentists do believe that it isn't necessary

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