Hope And Help For Traumatic Brain Injury

Health care professionals provide the best hope for managing the many aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury. Medical doctors can work on reducing the physical manifestations of TBI through the use of medications and other therapeutic modalities. Behavioral and mental health professionals can help in the management of the other aspects of TBI such as anxiety, depression, aggression, PTSD, emotional lability,

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Oxygen And Cancer Do Not Get Along

Oxygen flooding is a method of increasing oxygenation through the use of ozone and peroxide. These substances are supercharged with oxygen and they deliver a high impact yield. One key to your treatment success is finding an alternative practitioner to perform oxygen flooding.

Though neither ozone and peroxide therapy are as dangerous as chemotherapy treatment, they can still have the

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The Origins Of Halitosis

Our gram unfavourable bacteria-- the stinkers-- thrive in acidic, oxygen-poor environments. These men are the genuine bad breath offenders. In acidic environments (a pH of lower than 7), gram-negative germs prosper and displace our oral-health related, pH neutral loving bacterial types.


Our saliva, which is oxygen-rich and pH neutralising, naturally keeps the development of our

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The Dental Surgery Experience

Dental Surgery Cases Certain conditions may require dental surgery. The first and most common is wisdom tooth extraction. If this is your case, the procedure is meant to make you avoid risks associated with allowing your wisdom tooth to continue growing. If this is your case, the procedure is meant to make you avoid risks associated with allowing your wisdom

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8 Typical Interview Questions That Could Stand Between You Which Medical Job In Australia Or New Zealand

We've compiled a list below of eight of the most typical of these job interview concerns along with advice about ways to handle them so you can emerge from your responses looking calm, expert and utterly in control. Continue reading thoroughly and you could soon be signing a contract for the healthcare job in Australia or New Zealand that is

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What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

There is such a thing as post-dental treatment sensitivity. When you have dental work done on your teeth like teeth whitening, fillings, replacement crowns, root planing, tooth restoration, and the like, your teeth become more sensitive to pain right after the dental procedure. However, the tooth sensitivity you experience is likely to be However, the tooth sensitivity you experience is

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How Natural Medicine Suits Today’s Society

There are factions of individuals throughout the world who choose to take advantage of the positive effects that natural medicines and therapies offer, rather than depend on synthetic drugs to cure or prevent ailments. Natural medications have the benefit of being totally organic, or from the earth, and often provide comparable treatments to prescription drugs. Natural medications have the benefit

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Fear In A Dental Office

That secret weapon? Conscious Sedation. No its not a weird meditation practice or a new-fangled drug with unknown side effects. Conscious Sedation has been used for years in the dental field. Many dentists do believe that it isn't necessary and patients should be able to calm down on their own and experience Many dentists do believe that it isn't necessary

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Eye Health Supplements And Vitamins

Source: http://healthblog.cosmobc.com/2016/09/24/top-5-structural-eyes-age/

Although some supplements can prevent the development or advancement of age-related macular disease it is important that you work with your ophthalmologist to determine which supplements are best for you and also how much you should be taking and how often. Since this is a disease that affects mostly the elderly it is important for the doctor to

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