Oxygen And Cancer Do Not Get Along

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Studies found that everyone has a 50/50 chance of getting cancer. There are a lot of various types of cancers and various treatments, too. One popular treatment to prevent cancer is chemotherapy, but there is a new treatment that has been found to prevent cancer from get a foothold to begin with, and that is oxygen.

Without oxygen, the cells in our body will not be able to function properly. The way that cancer cells metabolize and create energy for living and multiplication is both dangerous and unique. The primary cause of cancer is the fermentation of glucose. By respiration of oxygen, normal body cells meet their energy needs. On the other hand, cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. This is why cancer and oxygen do not get along because oxygen provides less energy for cancer cells.

Oxygen Therapy

Based on statistics on the mortality rate of cancer, traditional therapies are not exactly 100 percent successful. The same goes for oxygen therapy. But they all do a great job of preventing the development of cancer cells. An advantage that alternative therapies (oxygen therapy) have compared to traditional therapies, such as radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, is that they are not dangerous. Even if the therapy fails, it will not add to the problem or kill you. Unlike radiation and chemo that will make your body defenseless from flu, much less cancer.

Thanks to the research of a German doctor, Otto Warburg, who has proven that cancer cells use a non-oxygen form of metabolism to survive, more research has been focusing on oxygen therapy in order to kill cancer cells. Oxygen provides far less energy or fuel for cancer cells than glucose. Oxygen only gives 2 energy molecules instead of 36 energy molecules with sugar. Therefore, extra oxygen in the body is a smart and safe method of fighting cancer.

Different Forms of Oxygen Therapy

If you are looking to consider oxygen therapy as a treatment, there are three forms, namely hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen flooding, and rectal insufflation. Hyperbaric oxygen is a mechanism that helps to increase the pressure of oxygen that is forced into the blood and tissues. This method is seldom used in cancer treatments.

Oxygen flooding is a method of increasing oxygenation through the use of ozone and peroxide. These substances are supercharged with oxygen and they deliver a high impact yield. One key to your treatment success is finding an alternative practitioner to perform oxygen flooding.

Though neither ozone and peroxide therapy are as dangerous as chemotherapy treatment, they can still have the potential to be harmful if used incorrectly. The substances are delivered either by removing some of your blood, oxygenating it, and returning it to your body or through an intravenous line. Some routes of administration may appear strange or scary but are valid and effective.

Rectal insufflation is a method where the peroxide and ozone are given rectally. This method prevents the coughing reflex that sometimes occurs when ozone is received intravenously. The technique can also be used vaginally. The main goal is to get high doses of oxygen into the body where it can cause all cancer cells to wither and die.