7 Important Points To Think Over Before Getting Rhinoplasty

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Anyone whos thinking about getting a nose job surgery NYC has to read some additional information on the procedure, techniques available, health requirements and the process of recovery, which usually doesnt take only one day.

Whatever the reason for the surgery, like correcting the results of an accident, breathing defects from birth, or just a desire to change the shape of your nose, its important to know as much as you can and consult your physician a couple of times. Aside from these things, there are some more issues to consider.

The main points to think over before getting rhinoplasty are:

1. Realistic expectations.
Many people imagine the procedure and the results in a fairy-tale way. Every persons nose anatomy is different, so its impossible to take your nose off and place the nose of your favorite singer or movie star on your face. Dont blame the doctor if he or she says something is impossible to perform.

2. The surgical approach.
There are two main approaches: open and closed. The first gives the surgeon more access to your nose, but it can result in scars and a long recovery. The latter takes less time to recover from, but requires accurate skills. Discuss this with your surgeon to decide the best technique for your case.

3. The cost of rhinoplasty.
Keep in mind that most plastic surgeries arent covered by your health insurance, so you will have to pay for it yourself. Most prices include anesthesiologist services, facility and surgeons fees. Make sure you have enough money for everything, so you wont have trouble paying off your medical bills later.

4. Searching for a good surgeon.
You have to conduct some research before applying for a nose job. Make sure to read some testimonials, the doctors biography, see the gallery with the works done earlier, etc. You can visit a couple of clinics and specialists to be sure in your choice.

5. The recovery process.
After discussing the surgical approach, the cost and your aim, make sure to learn about the process of recovery. It isnt as complicated as after some other surgical procedures, of course, but as its done on the face, where the tissues are extremely sensitive, swelling and bruises are inevitable. Make sure you plan at least a month to recover fully, which means no hard physical work, no environments that can irritate your nose and no cold, as it can complicate the process.

6. Possible complications.
In most cases theres no complications, but you have to know about them anyway. Some people get infections, side effects from anesthetic medication, excessive bleeding or swelling, fever, etc. If you feel like something isnt right, contact your surgeon immediately.

7. Rhinoplasty revision.
Revision may be needed if youre not satisfied with the result. Before deciding you dont like what you got, make sure enough time has passed, as people see the complete results only after a couple of months. Also keep in mind that rhinoplasty revision is a much more complicated process than an ordinary nose job, so you might need a doctor who specializes in revisions in particular.